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Lighting solutions
    • High effectiveness of LED lights
    • LED long life - up to 90 000 hours
    • Modern optic elements to reach a optimal lighting distribution
    • 3-8 years warranty depending on type of light
    • Low operation costs
    • Use of regulation elements
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    • Recommendation for optimum workplace lighting
    • High level of lighting comfort
    • Intensity regulation depending on daylight contribution
    • Low operation costs
    • Low maintenance cost
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    • High effectiveness of LED light
    • LED long life - up to 60 000 hours
    • Modern optic elements to reach a optimal lighting distribution
    • Safety elements against sport equipment damage
    • 3-8 years warranty depending on type of light
    • Low operation costs
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    • High quality of color rendering CRI > Ra90
    • Option to regulate color temperature
    • Option to regulate light intensity
    • Protection class of up to IPA67 allows application of Nano disinfection
    • High technological and quality standard
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    • Low operation cost
    • Lights are turned on as cars move around the area
    • Regulation detectors of lights react to car motion
    • Minimum maintenance need
    • Extended longevity
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    • High quality of color rendering CRI < Ra90
    • Unique lights developed for fruit, vegetables, pastry and meat sections
    • Low operation costs
    • Above average warranty up to 5 years
    • Better comfort for the customers
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    • Cost effective operation of the lighting system
    • Lower number of the lights needed due to better lighting effectiveness
    • Emergency operations special lights with IP 65
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    • high effectiveness of LED lighting
    • extended longevity of up to 90 000 hours
    • low operation costs
    • use of regulation elements
    • electric light savings
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Consumption savings
Rising costs of electricity forces small proprietors as well as companies to look for solutions to save operation costs.
Lighting costs make on average about 30% of the total operation costs. It is therefore imperative to focus on low consumption, effective lighting. The difference between electricity consumption and lighting effectiveness can be substantial.
Our customers have already saved:
How can you save energy?
Services RestoreOne
Energy/lighting audit / Analysis of existing lighting
We approach each customer as a unique case/need. We offer assessment of existing lighting equipment, its usefulness in the operation context and in relation to legal requirements and technical and hygienic norms. Based on collected information we then propose partial or complete modernization of the lighting system, as well as simplified balance sheet with calculation of the saving to be achieved.
Proposal for technical solution including economic benefits
We prepare an offer based on technical parameters of our clients area. You can contact our sales department, and after we gather from your the relevant information, we then prepare a complex ( economic and technical) offer.
As part of our service we prepare an offer for financing of energy- saving projects of either new or modernized lighting system, indoor or outdoor.  The financing proposed for a concrete project depends on needs and capacity of our clients.
There are three forms of financing available: leasing, installment payments or EPC.
Implementation of lighting systems
We execute a full range of services to modernize a lighting system for our clients.
This range includes delivery, installation or refit. základní basic electro installation, installation of switchboards, individual regulation element as well as delivery of all needed components.
All our work is then transferred to our client along with a final report and authorized audit of the installed elements.
We understand the need for flexible timing depending on our clients' workload, so we offer to execute the installations at night or during time off ( i.e. holidays) in order to not disrupt the daily program.
Warranty and post-warranty service of our LED lighting systems
 The extent of our warranty service depends on the solution used. We understand the customer support being based on application support and usefully designed operation processes.
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Selected reference

Hundreds of projects using LED technology across the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Satisfied customers whose select references you can find bellow.

About us

RestoreOne is a technological company active in the Czech Republic for 7 years. From its inception the key area of focus was the energy saving concept, primarily in lighting systems. Our main goal is the implementation of a chosen and delivered technical solution so that our customer can record clear and real benefits while observing all legal and ecological requirements. For this reason we invest a greal deal of resources into selection of individual components as well as whole products that we use in our solutions. Equally so we carefully focus on the preparation and management of individual projects. All our company procedures are strictly in accordance with international norms ISO 9001, 10006 a 14001. Services delivered by our company are rendered in a complex manner - from the benefits being clearly defined in a model balance sheet at the start to financing to technical implementation to post- warranties services.

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