Lighting of Office spaces

  • Recommendation for optimum workplace lighting
  • High level of lighting comfort
  • Intensity regulation depending on daylight contribution
  • Low operation costs
  • Low maintenance cost

The lighting of office space makes up to 40% of overall electricity consumption for non-production companies. Wrong lighting negatively influences work ambiance, can cause eye problems, headaches and can lower productivity. All this can impact the productivity of the company as a whole.

We can assist in reaching compliance with the current legislation as well as reaching optimal work ambiance. The combination of modern and effective lighting gives the company a competitive edge as well as a positive balance of lower CO2 emissions.

Overview of the Services

  • Lighting audit/Analysis of existing lighting system
  • Proposal for technical solutions including economic benefits
  • Financing
  • Implementation of lighting systems
  • Warranties and post-warranty service

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