Lighting of Industrial production halls and warehouses

  • High effectiveness of LED lights
  • LED long life - up to 90 000 hours
  • Modern optic elements to reach a optimal lighting distribution
  • 3-8 years warranty depending on type of light
  • Low operation costs
  • Use of regulation elements

We design and deliver new lighting system, or modernize the existing one We pay extra attention to the electricity consumption while keeping the lighting intensity according to the valid norms. We manufacture the luminaires as per a specific need of a specific building.

To reach an optimum light distribution we use modern components, and only focus the lighting onto desired space. We frequently combine LED lights with regulation elements to maximize savings. Each enterprise has a legal obligation to guarantee a satisfactory lighting of a workplace. It is also proven that correct lighting improves workers productivity and protects health.

According to European research more than 68% industrial production halls and warehouses are not properly lit, and majority of them do not comply with exiting norms. The owners/operators of these buildings risk heavy fines. Conspicuously missing often are intelligent management systems of the lighting that blend in natural light. Hardly ever sensors detecting human motion, or any additional regulation elements, are being used.

Our company helps you to fulfill all legal requirements, optimize, or a new approach lighting system with the primary goal to achieve low energy performance of your building with the corresponding light comfort.

Overview of the Services

  • Lighting audit/Analysis of existing lighting system
  • Proposal for technical solutions including economic benefits
  • Financing
  • Implementation of lighting systems
  • Warranties and post-warranty service

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