Lighting of Sport areas

  • High effectiveness of LED light
  • LED long life - up to 60 000 hours
  • Modern optic elements to reach a optimal lighting distribution
  • Safety elements against sport equipment damage
  • 3-8 years warranty depending on type of light
  • Low operation costs

The sport areas enjoy ever longer opening hours. Being open into late evening or overnight is becoming a standard.

Based on these new realities it is ever more important to analyze the type of lighting used and the expense that comes with it. The intensity and quality of lighting allow the operators to engage in local, regional and international competition, raising the profile of the sport area itself.

Overview of the Services

  • Lighting audit/Analysis of existing lighting system
  • Proposal for technical solutions including economic benefits
  • Financing
  • Implementation of lighting systems
  • Warranties and post-warranty service

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