Lighting of medical buildings

  • High quality of color rendering CRI > Ra90
  • Option to regulate color temperature
  • Option to regulate light intensity
  • Protection class of up to IPA67 allows application of Nano disinfection
  • High technological and quality standard

We offer a wide range of luminaires for use in medical establishments. We deliver top lights for surgical theatres, general hospital areas as well as for specialized units. We utilize lights with high-level versatility> the possibility of regulating color temperature 3000-5700K, IP67 class for disinfected areas with Nano technology, high light intensity, low operation cost, extended longevity, light comfort.

Lowering energy needs is our primary goal.

West European research proves that quality of lighting has a positive effect on patients through improved ambiance. Using our solution you may enable patients and staff to set individual lighting intensity to regenerate and work more effectively. The combination of proper lighting system and regulation elements contributes to vision comfort and lowers energy consumption.

Overview of the Services

  • Lighting audit/Analysis of existing lighting system
  • Proposal for technical solutions including economic benefits
  • Financing
  • Implementation of lighting systems
  • Warranties and post-warranty service

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